A New Trend & Global Virtual Summit on “An Update on Vestibular System”

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, The outbreak by Covid 19 virus paralyzed the whole World by March 2020 and this also had a great impact on scientific events. It is well known that almost all scientific meetings are postponed to coming years even the ones scheduled to autumn 2020.

This Pandemics initiated online meetings to keep sharing the experience on science, but also the hot topic on Covid-19 infection.

The International Vestibular Society keeps the dates of V. Vertigo Academy International Meeting as already scheduled to 7-11 April 2021 in Belgrade as already announced.

As there is almost a year until the official meeting, we planned a Word-wide Summit on Vestibular Medicine. The only limiting factor was the time zones as we feel obliged to focus on India but of course the whole World Countries can get involved by registration that will be free of charge as well.

We planned 4 hours of uninterrupted scientific discussion to be held between 08:00 - 12:45 GMT. Twenty-seven lectures and 3 panels could be included within this range of time. We invited distinguished speakers especially being involved within the time zone but also from other countries.

We took care about the hot topics of the Vestibular medicine to be included in the scientific program, and I believe you will enjoy.

I wish to express my gratitude to Serenas Company, which I believe they are extremely capable of succeeding with this event which more than 3000 participants are expected to be online.

Until July 3, please stay healthy.

Prof. O. Nuri Özgirgin


International Vestibular Society